I Did Not Let My Dental Fears Stop Me from Getting My New Porcelain Veneers in Denver

It is not painful to get a great smile. It can be a little uncomfortable, but there is no pain now. If you are scared of everything a dentist might do, then opt for sleep dentistry. For most things you will not need to do that. I was able to overcome my dental fears by careful controlled exposure. I was looking to get porcelain veneers in Denver when I started. The first thing I did was call the dentist and explain my fears. Then I scheduled an exam with xrays. I was careful to point out my specific fears. The dentist was very accommodating.

After the examination, I went back for a cleaning. I survived it! Wow, I was even scared of the cleaning, but I got through it just fine. No pain, just some weird sensations. After meeting the people and developing a rapport with them, I began to feel a lot more comfortable coming to the dentist. The next step was to get my teeth ready to get my porcelain veneers in Denver. It was not as hard as I was imagining it. I was becoming experienced with all the sights, sounds and smells of a dental office.

The sound of a dental drill used to freak me out. I was terrified of the shot to numb your jaw too. I did not feel the injection I had for a filling I needed. It was not a problem. I needed one more filling before my veneers, and it was in a top tooth up front. I felt some discomfort for that injection, but it was completely bearable. I had no idea why I was afraid. The dentist even explained when I was likely to feel pressure. I am happy to report that I have very nice veneers now. I am very happy with my smile and my newly found confidence.