Dr Roger H Coletti MD – Changing The Lives Of Those Living With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be both physically and psychologically draining. Dealing with never-ending pain can cause a multitude of additional problems such as depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Additionally, many that suffer from chronic pain also have limited mobility, making it difficult to maneuver on their own and sometimes making them dependent on others for their care. This of course, can lead to additional depression, causing a never ending and dangerous cycle of dealing with pain. In the past, chronic pain has been dealt with through exercise, physical therapy, over-the-counter anegesics, prescription medications, and steroid injections or spinal blocks. Though these treatments sometimes took the edge off the pain, many found no consistent relief. In fact, many found it to be difficult to have any quality of life while groggy and dazed from high dosages of prescription pain medication.

Fortunately, Dr Roger H Coletti MD has developed a solution for chronic pain that is changing the lives of those suffering from painful muscle spasms. Dr. Coletti realized that as a muscle painfully spasms, it cuts the blood supply off to that muscle. For most, the muscle does release and relax again, but for those suffering from chronic pain, that muscle may stay in a spasm mode for a prolonged period of time without relaxing. Dr. Coletti found that by injecting a medication called Dibenzyline into the painful muscle, it usually relaxed within just a few seconds and began to function like a normal muscle again. This release seems to be long-lasting, leading to the belief that the procedure may only need to be done once on a specific muscle for results to be permanent. Many hesitate to take pain pills or injections, as they feel that they are only masking the pain, not relieving it. With Dr. Coletti’s plan, the muscle pain will not be masked, but instead the injection will cause the muscle to release, causing the painful spasm to be resolved for good.

This development has the ability to change the lives of those living in chronic pain. They can again attain a life that is full of enjoyment and activity instead of spending each waking hour dealing with pain. Dr. Coletti has given life back to those who thought it was gone forever.