Benefits for patients upon admission at Morningside Recovery

  1. They will be able to enjoy a pleasant stay that will benefit them greatly.
  2. They can bring your dog to accompany them throughout the process of detoxification.
  3. They will have access to every one of the recreational spaces within the center.
  4. They will be able to enjoy a healthy life with the help of trainers and nutritionists in charge of the gym at no additional cost.
  5. They will have group meetings and will receive psychological help and psychiatrist as long as necessary.
  6. They will enjoy a 100% personalized treatment to achieve a faster recovery.
  7. They canget visits from their family without the need to make reservations on specific days.
  8. They will be able to learn different skills to help them integrate into society once they are clean and ready to face the world that awaits outside while being sober.

All this and much more is what our patients will receive once they are in our program. They will be able to feel included in everything that happens, no person will be isolated or outside of the activities of the Rehabilitation Center Morningside Recovery takes place, because here, teach them how to work in a group is one of our main teachings. We also give them the freedom to be free and to be themselves as new people and in the process of recovery, without the need for someone this criticizing or feel uncomfortable expressing their feelings.

Our website http://www.morningsiderecovery.comspeaks of our personalized rehabilitation program with which we treat each of our tenants so that they can regain control of their lives gradually until you get the absolute control of their decisions and to be able to integrate into society as free men and women of addictions to drugs, alcohol and other addictions that exist in this world.

Here, the patients have the opportunity to be able to feel part of a community that supports them and understand them, as well as teach them and give them important tools that should be used once they are outside our facilities so that they can defend themselves against this monster of society that awaits them outside and be themselves those who strive to be clean and not fall prey to the temptations that are the order of the day in front of them. Visit our website and contact our customer service staff and asked for more information through emails and phone numbers available in the contact section of the site.